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PG Mini-Boulders 4lbs minimum (5-8 stones/bag)

  • Pink Granite Grounding Stones

    These large size, quantum-state, pink granite stones “mini-boulders” are mined from a top choice granite mountain area in Texas, USA. They emit a natural piezoelectrical effect when placed over natural earth areas (such as soil or grass) which we believe may help to enhance the environmental bioenergetics of an area.

    These stones may be used as a beautiful, “natural look” granite border when placed along walkways, around a fire pit, around a swimming pool, around a garden plot or along a fence area.

    When buried beneath the ground along the edges of a garden, the stones help retain moisture in the soil. For enhanced environmental effects, you may place 2 to 8 stones near the base of the outside wall of your home or office over natural ground. We believe this helps to create a superior environmental effect.

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