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5 Five Areas
to Restore Prime Health

Optimal levels vary from person to person. What is right for me, maybe too low for you. The great news is that when optimal levels are achieved, you will be happy, energetic and disease protected.

What can you do?

To restore your body to prime function, there are five areas, which you should address with help from your healthcare provider.

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Measure and optimize hormone levels

Recommendations for supportive supplements, nutrition, and further measurement and optomization of hormones with a liscenced medical professional.



Measure nutrition status

Fifty percent of every plate should be vegetables.
Try for eight different colors a day to maximize phytonutrient variety.



Reduce exposure to toxins

Enhance elimination through bowel, liver and gallbladder support. Use skin brushing to enhance lymphatic clearing of toxins.



Balance the mind

Simplify your life to give energy to those things that are most meaningful. A simple start would be to try 12 weeks of minimal commitments.



Balance the body

Practice conscious breathing three times daily and restorative yoga poses. Integrate exercise into your activities of daily living. Focus on breathe, balance and flexibility over cardio heart rate ranges.

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