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    Facilitates Rapid Normalizing of Blood Fat and Blood Sugar Levels / Promotes An Optimal Metabolism / Targets Reversing Key Aging Indicators

    We are extremely excited to announce that both Cholest-X™ and Gluco-X™ are now reformulated into one single unprecedented product - Metabolic MD™. Metabolic MD is a truly historic, highly bioavailable, first-to-market liposomal purified-berberine formula. Elegant studies confirm that Metabolic MD's energizing ingredients swiftly help normalize ACE, AGEs, blood fat and blood sugar levels, while cost-effectively inducing healthy weight-loss without jitteriness.*

    Metabolic MD is an evidence-based, synergistic, comprehensive formulation* designed to:

    • Promote rewarding and consistent clinical outcomes in complex metabolic “group” disturbances associated with: (a) excessive body fat, (b) entrenched inflammation, (c) elevated blood cholesterol, (d) high triglycerides, (e) elevated LDL levels, (f) blood sugar dis-regulation, (g) cardiovascular risks, (h) kidney risks, (i) chronic tiredness and fatigue, (j) entrenched inflammation, and (k) key underlying factors of aging.*
    • Quickly achieve and maintain ideal weight and body mass index (BMI) outcomes, even for the more stubborn overweight cases.*
    • Reduce underlying causations to entrenched inflammation.*
    • Facilitate more efficient fatty acid beta-oxidation (fat burning).*
    • Promote normalization of high blood pressure and ACE, by helping to counter unhealthy elevated angiotensin levels.*
    • Help downregulate excessive kidney ROS and unhealthy NF-kB activity especially in long-term ingrained conditions of kidney stress.*
    • Promote swift normalization of HbA1c, blood sugar levels and insulin regulation.*
    • Help resolve the key underlying factors causing plaque and blood clots.*
    • Effectively helps suppress: (1) Advanced Glycation End products (or AGEs, which is regarded by medical authorities as the primary driving force to the aging process), and (2) the assaults and injuries to the critical inner lining to blood vessels*
    • Help facilitate normal heart rhythm.*
    • Raise cardiac and muscle mitochondrial ATP production via upregulating pyruvate dehydrogenase complex (PDC).*
    • Attain multiple times the blood levels of active berberine compared to standard oral berberine formulas.*

    To achieve all of the above, Metabolic MD incorporates all non-GMO ingredients in a proprietary synergistic ratio* including:

    • Highly concentrated and standardized liposomal Berberine.*
    • Highly concentrated and standardized Green Coffee Extract containing 50% Chlorogenic acid (CHA) and < 2% caffeine.*
    • Highly concentrated and standardized Citrus aurantium extract → A mild modulator of both favorable α-adrenoreceptor (α1A-AR) and β-adrenoreceptor activity.*
    • Standardized Irvingia gabonensis seed extract .*
    • Highly concentrated and standardized Camellia sinensis extract containing 60% EGCG.*
    • 200mg L-Carnitine per serving.*
    • 100mg Benfotiamine - A highly bioavailable vitamin B-1 per serving.*
    • Sunflower Lecithin and medium chain triglycerides.*

    Metabolic MD™ is imbued with exceptional potency. Metabolic MD WAS CONCEIVED AND FORMULATED TO BE THE MOST POTENT SUPPLEMENT IN ITS CLASS (i.e., metabolic modulators) IN ORDER TO ADDRESS A WIDE-SPECTRUM OF METABOLIC RISKS AND PROMOTE HOMEOSTASIS NORMALIZATION PERMANENTLY WHEN TEAMED WITH THE 5 POINT MODEL SYSTEM – E.g., resistant obesity, entrenched inflammation, non-responsive/resistant blood fat and blood sugar regulation, complex cell metabolism dysfunction, multiple cardiovascular risks and deeply disrupted energy (ATP) production. One or more of these conditions are now the hallmark to many/most patients walking into the integrative physician’s office. This formed an urgent need for a nutraceutical product as potent and versatile as Metabolic MD.*

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